Reading is more than seeing a collection of words on a page, and finishing a book is more than turning the final page and starting on the first of a new one. Good novels stay with us, and each book makes us see world in a slightly different way. And that’s why I started this blog: books make us tick, they make us think, and they make us, well us. And I want to tell you all about them.

The Open Book is here for those who have never truly finished reading. This is a blog for the curious ones, who always want to find out all the details and the subtleties of their favourite novels. This blog is for those who cannot help but wonder at the inventiveness of literature.

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Here are some posts I’ve recently written

In Search of the Hundred Acre Wood

Let’s go on an adventure! In order to get away from life in isolation, I pretended to visit an imaginary place from one of my favourite books. Want to know what I did? Read on!

By the Book #16 – Hamnet by Maggie O’Farrell

William Shakespeare is, without a doubt, the most famoust English writer ever. However, we hardly know anything about his life. Maggie O’Farrell wrote a fictional account of how he lost his son. Want to find out what it’s like? Read on!

How to Swear Like Shakespeare

“Would that thou woulds’t burst!” Do you always want to insult people, but do you lack the proper vocabulary? Read this post if you want to insult people the proper way – the Shakespeare way.