Before I started The Open Book, I wrote some Instructables (short, funny instructions). Obviously, they’re very useful and will make your life much easier. Have fun reading them – and let me know when you’ve actually made something!

How To Write A Fairy Tale

“Once upon a time, they lived happily ever after.” Have you always wanted to write your own fairy tale? Here’s how you should do it!

The Ultimate Card Game for Game Haters

Do you love games, but are you suffering from knowing too many people who don’t? Here are the rules for a game that’s simply too much fun!

How to Write a Horror Story

“It was a dark and stormy night…” No, wait, that’s been done before. Here’s how you write a proper horror story!

How to Write a Love Note

Do you also feel like you keep wanting to tell your loved ones something, but hate when they’re not around? Here’s an instruction on how to write the perfect love note.

How to Swear Like Shakespeare

“Would that thou woulds’t burst!” Do you always want to insult people, but do you lack the proper vocabulary? Read this post if you want to insult people the proper way – the Shakespeare way.

How to Organise Your Bookcase

Are you suffering from an overflowing bookshelf? Do you suffer from book chaos because you’ve simply got too many? Here’s how you should bring order back to it!

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