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The Wimbledon Fortnight – Day Thirteen: Ladies’ Singles Final

With only two more days to go, the Championships is almost over. I'm not ready to go back to normal, just yet.

These last two weeks have all been about tennis. I have told you about why I love this game so much, and this tournament especially. What I have failed to share with you, however, is the downsides of being completely obsessed about Wimbledon. Read on if you want to find out why it can be terribly annoying (especially to your loves ones) to be a tennis fan.

Today is the Ladies’ Singles Final. It’s Australian Ash Barty, world’s number one, against former Wimbledon finalist Karolina Pliskova, and while typing this paragraph, they’re in the second set, with Barty having won the first one. I have only just tuned in, and somehow, I hate that. My holidays have started, which means I don’t have to do anything at all anymore. As a result, my first day off is filled with all sorts of things (my brain is still so active that I’m struggling to sit still and do nothing): visiting my parents, my grandfather, and picking up contact lenses that I need for my trip to Italy next week. It’s a busy day, but I still managed to tune in in time to catch some of the women’s final. I felt I had to. I needed to.

I managed to watch more tennis than ever – and I’m actually kind of impressed with myself. Since I’m a teacher, the last few weeks before the holidays start are the busiest of the entire year, so I’ve been working around the clock to make sure everything was finished on time. For instance, I wrote something for my students while watching the Opening Day at Wimbledon, honing my multitasking skills.

Unfortunately, sometimes multitasking doesn’t work. My students had their graduation, and I couldn’t watch any tennis. I had dinner with colleagues, and I couldn’t watch tennis. What I did, therefore, was telling them I had to leave early, or telling them I couldn’t attend a party on Monday (for Roger Federer (yes, it still hurts) was playing, and obviously I had to watch). These last twelve days, even though I have had to divide my attention at times, my life has been all Wimbledon, and I have neglected other things. For two weeks every year, I become a tennis monster, unable to think or talk about anything else. I hope you’ll be able to forgive me.

It’s a tiebreak for the second set now. My dad is sitting outside and I’m not talking to him. My mum is with me, watching the match, and I’m not talking to her much either. I’m busy typing away, because I’m not ready yet to stop being obsessed about this glorious tennis tournament. Right now there’s the Ladies’ Singles Final, and tomorrow the battle is between newcomer Matteo Berrettini and the current number one Novak Djokovic. Tomorrow will be the last time I’ll be writing about Wimbledon. Tomorrow, it’ll all be over, and things will go back to normal; I’ll write about books again, for a change.

Just not yet. There’s still one day left, and one more set in this final. I want to soak it all up for as long as possible.

How have you been watching Wimbledon? Which match was your favourite? Do let me know in the comments! Also, don’t forget to follow me for one more tennis post, and more book musings!

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