How to Write a Love Note

Do you also feel like you keep wanting to tell your loved ones something, but hate when they're not around? Here's an instruction on how to write the perfect love note.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! It’s time to tell your Other Half you love them. Want to know how to leave them a note to remember? Continue reading!

Sometimes it happens that I have a day off, while my boyfriend has to leave for work early. What I like doing then, is to leave him a note. It’s fun to do, and I know he likes reading a personal message that makes him feel loved after an exhausting day at work. All my notes are different, but the formula is always the same. Have you ever wanted to leave a note, but don’t know what to write? Well then, this post is written for you.

Love notes are sweet, short, and very personal, as they’re written especially for that one person you like best. Write clearly, concisely, and mean every word you say. It’s up to you what you want to write: one person writes one thing, while the other writes something else entirely. Regardless of what you write, make sure that it suits your personality, that you mean it, and that you have fun writing it!

Note: Love notes are about showing vulnerability. I am not a very good artist, so adding a hand-drawn illustration only makes it more special to your reader. If you are quite a skilled artist, don’t hesitate to add as many drawings as possible!

Step 1: I Want You – What You Need

So, what you need when you want to write your love note, is two pieces of paper (ruled paper works better; I am one of those unfortunate souls whose writing tends to droop when it’s just blank paper – you might write your best piece of literature ever, but the result will always be hilarious rather than heartwarming), and a pen. Yes, you read that right. Two is the number of papers you need. Not one, not three, but two. One of them is used for drafts, while the other one is the final version. Remember: keep it short. Nobody wants to come back home and see a complete novel waiting for them on the table.

Furthermore: It might be helpful to write your note at a desk or table, as your handwriting will be prettier compared to writing in bed or on the sofa.

Step 2: To Those About to Read – Address Your Loved One

You are writing a note to let your loved one know you’re thinking of them, even when they’re not there. Therefore, leave behind formalities or far-fetched salutations, but rather keep it as short and sweet as possible. This will make the reader know they’re the only one who is allowed to read your message. Look at the pictures for a couple of examples.

Nicknames are always a good idea as they are personal and evoke shared memories. If you find you like writing this love note and decide to write more in the future, make sure to use a different nickname each time. This will make each note unique, and if the reader saves all your notes to read them again later, they’ll have a great time recognising all those cute nicknames you’ve come up with.

Step 3: This Is Just to Say – Decide Why You’re Writing This Note

What were you doing that made you want to write this note? Is it to tell the other you miss them? Or to tell them you have eaten the plums that were in the icebox? Or to let them know you’ll be waiting for them when they return tonight? Or just to make sure they know you’re thinking about them? It’s all possible, really. You are writing them a note, not a complete love letter, or an epic poem. Look at the pictures for some examples, and decide what type of message works best for you.

Again, make sure you mean what you say. Even if you want to share something you might think is boring, do it anyway. It doesn’t matter how riveting it is; as long as you surprise your loved one with a message, anything will be fine.

Step 4: How Do I Love Thee? – Declare Your Love

So, you’ve just told your loved one why you’re writing this, you’ve described the setting, and now it’s time to start with the real deal. Be honest. What do you feel? Make sure you convey that message. Try to be as original as possible, so write something that sounds like you. It’s so much fun to think of something yourself, rather than copying a bunch of love poems from the internet. Still, if there’s a quotation from that one particular show you both like, do include that, of course. Don’t overdo it, though, because then it might turn into a giant cliche: it’s your personal love note, not something that a computer could randomly generate if you type in some key words.

Note: If you want to add some humour to your note, writing nothing but cliches can have a hilarious effect. Try to play with this on your draft paper. If you’re happy with it, add it to your finalised note.

Step 5: Yours Truly – Finish Your Note

This speaks for itself, I think. This is what you write down when you’ve finished writing your declaration of love, and you want to finish your note. Usually a letter (or an email – let’s face it, I’m aware that writing a love note sounds hopelessly old-fashioned) ends with something like ‘yours faithfully’, or ‘best wishes’. Ew, how formal. Hugs and kisses is more like it, really. Or, if you’re really getting into this whole note-writing business, exaggerate it.

Look at the pictures for inspiration.

Step 6: Signed, Sealed, Delivered – Add Your Name

Just like the start of your note, the ending should be fun and personal. Of course, it’s perfectly fine to end with just your name, or add ‘your’ to it (just in case you think you haven’t made yourself clear enough that you belong to this person). Or come up with a nickname he or she likes to use when you’re together. As soon as you’ve done that, you’re done!

Step 7: Oh, by the Way – Write a Postscript

It often happens that you realise you’ve forgotten something. In that case, you can add a postscript. Furthermore, sometimes people write a love note not only because of the reasons I’ve mentioned above. There might also be an underlying reason, and usually it’s to get someone to do something. For instance, you could add a shopping list, or ask someone to finally book a table at that lovely restaurant. It makes sense, really; you’ve just taken the time to tell someone you love them, so they should be so happy with you that they can’t refuse anything you ask of them. It’s not that romantic, but hey, it is sensible, right?

Of course, do bear in mind that there’s no one perfect way in which to write your love note. I’ve merely tried to give you some guidelines that might be useful. So if you’ve got an entirely different style, then please use that one. Also, do not hesitate to share your love note in the comments!

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