Happy Birthday, Mr Gaiman!

Happy birthday, Mr Gaiman! Want to know how I got all these books? Read on!

What’s your favourite Neil Gaiman book?

It’s Neil Gaiman’s birthday! So what better way to congratulate him than by sharing his books?

Some of these books I bought online, others at a regular bookstore, but there are a couple I acquired in a not-so traditional way, such as at a book fair on a dreary Sunday in August, or hidden away in a dark corner of a hidden-away bookstore on Charing Cross Road. One of them was given to me by someone who had received it as a gift.

While I love all of his books, I’m also very, very jealous of him. Because whenever I read a new story of his (or return to an old, familiar one) I feel like that’s the book I wish I’d written.

Maybe, one day…?

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